ICBC Direct Billing

ICBC allows 12 weeks of pre authorized treatments to be used from your accident date.

  • Acupuncture, Kinesiology and Registered Massage Therapy are pre approved for 12 treatments within this period.
  • Chiropractic Care and Physiotherapy are pre approved for 25 treatments within this period.

Pre authorized treatments are limited to one treatment by the same practitioner-type per day, but there is no restriction to the combination of pre authorized treatments.

For example, a customer may attend a kinesiology treatment and a massage treatment on the same day, but not two kinesiology treatments on the same day.

As well, if further treatments are required our team will contact your Customer Claims Specialist (adjuster) to inquire for additional approval. So long as you are diligent in following the treatment plans established by your practitioner(s), and there is legitimate reasoning for additional treatments, ICBC may approve the request.

Updated fee schedule for September 27th, 2023 onwards:  **This fee table does not include taxes**

  • Acupuncture – $118/initial assessment visit and $100/subsequent visit
  • Chiropractic Care – $108/initial assessment visit and $59/subsequent visit
  • Kinesiology – $110/initial assessment visit and $88/subsequent visit
  • Registered Massage Therapy – $120/initial assessment visit and $90/subsequent visit

The initial assessment fee includes the assessment and any treatment provided that day, and may only be billed once per customer for each modality, unless otherwise approved by ICBC.

Our clinic is able to direct bill ICBC on behalf of patients, however, we would like to note, if your treatment falls outside of your current approval window, you may be required to pay upfront for that session and self submit the receipt to your adjustor for reimbursement.

As ICBC’s prescribed fee limits are slightly lower than our clinic rates, patients are unfortunately not fully covered through ICBC for the majority of these visits. However, these patient remainders may be self-submitted to most private health insurers for consideration of coverage.”

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