Kinesiologists work alongside a dynamic and multi-disciplinary team approach while using up to date evidence based practice to help treat and prevent injury disease. They also have a background in optimizing clients functional movements and enhancing peak performance in sport. We work with all age groups in various settings to help reach their goals, and improve quality of life. 
We also cover the following topics as well: 
  • Health promotion
  • Injury rehab
  • Ergonomics and workplace safety 
  • Return to work + disability management 
  • Fitness + athletics 
  • Chronic disease management

Sport Specific Rehab

Sport Specific Rehab includes stretching, strengthening and cardiovascular routines that are individually tailored, based on your injury and sport involvement. The educational component focuses on correct posture, body mechanics and proper exercise technique.

Kinesiology Rates

Initial Visit – 60 min – $105.00

Subsequent Visit – 45min –  $90.00

Subsequent Visit – 30 min – $85.00

We are unfortunately unable to submit claims to any extended medical plan on your behalf for kinesiology. 

If you are hoping to have your treatment reimbursed by your insurance, we advise you to look into the details of your specific plan prior to booking as most do not cover kinesiology.

Cancellation Policy
Your appointment is set aside just for you so please be courteous and follow the 24 hour cancellation policy. 
Patients who provide less than 24 hours, or miss their appointment, will be charged a cancellation fee in accordance with the clinic fee schedule.
Livia Antalova

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Devon Taylor Kinesiologist Enhance Sport and Wellness Maple Ridge
Devon Taylor - BKin. Sport Sci Dipl.

Devon graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2023, where he received a Bachelor’s of Kinesiology in the Neuromechanical and Physiological Sciences stream. Prior to attending UBC, Devon received a Diploma in Sports Science at Douglas College. Providing evidence-informed and patient centred care to patients through exercise and education is what Devon values. Devon wishes to further his education by pursuing a Master’s in Physical Therapy in the future.

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